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Our devices guide dentists to perform with the utmost precision complex procedures that, today, are performed free-hand.

About D-Shape

D-Shape Non-invasive Precision Dentistry

is a forerunner in the world of dental digital technology.

The dental guiding device solution uses 3D scanning images and, in the case of endodontics, digital x-rays and/or CT, to help dentists visually preplan the procedure.

The images and dentist inputs are then sent to a standard 3D printer or a milling machine to prepare disposable plastic templates, which guide the dentist's hand in shaping the tooth for preparing for a crown or drilling for root canal treatment.

The template eliminates human error and ensure optimal results while minimizing damage to the tooth and surrounding tissues.

D-Shape’s first two applications, are preparing teeth for dental crowns and root canals.

Our devices

Our Devices

D-Shape’s first two applications are preparing teeth

for dental crowns and root canals.

The dental guiding devices constrain and guide the dentist’s tools for highly precise tooth preparation outcomes, with minimal strain on the dentist and the patient. 

Tooth Preparation for Crown

Prototype d-11

Imagen 3.png
Imagen 4.png

The Benefits of the D-Shape's Crown Preparation Solution

  • Preplanning the procedure according to optimal dental parameters.

  • Precision, high-quality results with full control over the thickness, angle and height of the crown preparation.

  • Reducing to a minimum damage to the tooth and its surrounding tissues.

  • Preserving the overall anatomy and functionality of the mouth.

  • The application will allow efficiency, considerable time reduction of 30%-50% per procedure, and significant cost reduction for the dentist.

  • The application will minimize the number of treatments per procedure for the patient.

  • The dentist can prepare easily the template or receive it from a digital lab.

Root Canal Treatment

Prototype d-12

Imagen 2.png

The Benefits of D-Shape's Root Canal Solution

  • Allow the dentist to (a) precisely access the root canal entrances with minimal
    damage to the tooth when exposing the Pulp camera, (b) to widen the root canal
    entrances at the precise desired angle, and (c) clean and fill the root canal at a pre-
    planned depth.

  • Eliminate blind drilling that can lead to considerable loss of healthy hard tissue.

  • Minimal damage to the tooth, thus maximizing the ability to save the tooth rather than replace it with a crown.

  • Bringing an unprecedented level of confidence and precision to a complex procedure.

  • Significantly reducing the exposure of the patient to the repeated x-rays that are required when the procedure is performed "blind".

  • The application will allow efficiency, considerable time reduction of 30%-50% per procedure, and significant cost reduction for the dentist.

Prototypes d-9 and d-10


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Status Report

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